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Woodstock Film Festival
OCT 2021 ‧ Branding

The Team 
Yoon Bee Baek ‧ Wiebke Meyer-Luters ‧ Crystal Shin ‧ Mingxuan Shen ‧ Emily Barrington

* This project features a conceptual collaboration. The images do not represent any real-world project.

A brand design for the Woodstock Film Festival, an annual event held in the town of Woodstock, New York.


〉 Film takes us into a mock-world full of truths. This branding for  Woodstock Film Festival explores the boundaries between reality, medium, and stories, centered around the psychedelic imagery and surreal experience.

Design System

1) Repeated and multiplied decalcomaniacs create a scene in which it is difficult to grasp the boundaries.

2) A boxed layout was designed to display background patterns while ensuring the visibility of individual images.

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