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DEC 2022 ‧ Branding

Metricks is a Chrome extension for e-commerce empowering sustainable purchases.

The growth of e-commerce minimized the processes of paying, shipping, returning, and exchanging in less than 10 clicks, but the physical unveiling of these processes hinders our understanding of the energy consumed behind them. Despite widespread recognition of carbon emissions, it's hard to get a sense of the energy used to get a shirt from the screen to the closet. The communication of being "environmentally friendly" tends to abstract the crisis in many businesses.

〉 ‘Metricks' is a program that converts energy units used in e-commerce into easy-to-understand metrics. By working with online stores and shipping companies, it aims to reduce overdelivery and overconsumption by converting energy, pollution, and physical dimensions into everyday metrics and making sorting recommendations based on them.

Design System

The brand name is a fusion of the terms "metrics" and "trick."
1) This is reflected in the formation of a modular logo structure. 2) To address the visual instability of thin strokes and extended length, a three-size variation is available. 3) The iconography is coordinated with type characteristics.

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