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JAN 2023 ‧ Campaign

The Team
Yoon Bee Baek, Crystal Shin, Weiyun Chen

* This project features a conceptual collaboration. The images do not represent any real-world partnership or installation.

‘Intime’ is a fictional installation proposed to help citizens comprehend the "Climate Clock" in a park in NYC.

〉 Even though the climate change is having unprecedented effects on both nature and culture, we hardly bring an immediate stop to our "karma." There is a huge digital clock facing Union Square in NYC, called CLIMATE CLOCK — highlighting the remaining time for us to reduce carbon emissions. Unfortunately, we met a bunch of New Yorkers saying, "It's a very meaningful clock that nobody really looks at." It is ironical to see the busy people walking quickly in front of the clock that counts down to our deadline left about 6 years.

〉 Time is a metric of change. While as time always does, six years provokes the sense of both short or long amount of time. For example, we say "time flies" when we realize some occations in 2017: such as the version of iPhone we used or the results of the presidential election, or from the absense such as: nobody played with AI-generated art. But it also seems like the long enough amount of time to plant 11.4 billion trees, prevent the 5mm rise of the ocean, or save 70–90% of coral reefs. To help people to understand the clock, the team thought about how to put our real lives into the amount of time that the CLIMATE CLOCK presents: we reframed a number in the past, present, and future — simply adding conjunctions of time and following sentences surrounding the clock — to intent the possible impressions  from memories, hope, and awareness. In short, we believed in the power of stories.

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