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APR 2023  Venture planning

Acknowledgement: Thesis advisor Allan Chochinov

De.fault is a recommendation engine built to reduce bias and broaden horizons.

What lies behind the phrase "You might also like”? Recommendation algorithms have become the beating heart part of any business, resulting in privacy trackers profiling our every online visit. The paradox of limiting our exposure to what we like is that it makes us more passive and less curious — the consequence of which is "the more you see, the smaller your world becomes."

〉 De.fault is a recommendation engine that intentionally provides de-personalized information to broaden our perspectives and to counteract filter bubbles, ideological rigidity, social anxiety, and increasingly addictive and toxic content. Acting as a talkative friend, De.fault shares the underlying stories and diverse views around the content we view online — enriching the "default" lenses in each of our lives.

The dark side of commercial algorithms is their encouragement of self-feeding.

It’s a paradox: The more you click on, the less you’ll get. 

What if we could reveal the unseen?

Let's put three different things on the same object, “Bed”.
Look! Depending on what you link to, the context varies. 

De.fault is designated to react flexibly to the content you see on the web.

Matrix for broadening horizons

Internet usage involves two things: ➊ Intent (what are you looking for?) and ➋ Content (What results do you get back?) De.fault tries to treak the tools in the ad industry but reverses a formula from narrowing likable to broadening horizons.

Design System

〉 The branding focuses on the shared delightful nostalgia of the old internet by taking its visuals from pixel graphics, bold R·G·B colors, trials and transitions between serif and sans-serif typefaces.

More to see...

The video below includes the full plan of De.fault as a venture business. 

❶ Presentation of venture planning

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